Having passed out of 12th, my son did not have much visibility on his next steps and possible career options. Shravan helped him gain clarity on the various options available and the different paths which could help him get there. He is extremely well informed about the current & varied career options and their prospects. Shravan was able to assess my son's interest and aptitude rather accurately. His motivation and guidance enabled him to gain clarity on his career path and next steps.

- PARENT, 12th Standard Student counselled by Shravan Shetty

This is to confirm that Mr.ShravanShetty was retained Our foundation ) to impart training for some a few projects since April 2011. With the assignments being a part of CSR initiatives, Shravan was involved in addressing students who had just completed their 10th standard to those who were graduating. Shravan also developed content for our training modules on Study skills and interviewing skills. Post teh content development he also facilitated train-the-trainer programs on these modules for other trainers on a pan-India basis.

Over the last 3 years I have found Shravan to be quite insightful, highly proactive and completing all assignments with a high sense of commitment. I wish the very best in future endeavors.

- Kapil Aggarwal, Senior Manager: Learning & Development,
Global Audit /Consulting firm

This letter is my formal recommendation for ShravanShetty. ShravanShetty is associated as an External Consultant for our Foundation's Student Scholarship Program.

He has facilitated several programs in Bangalore on personal effectiveness for students studying in Government and aided schools. Shravan is a good facilitator; he has a clear understanding of the methodology and the goals of our modules. He is sensitive to the feelings of students, relates to students' life experiences and is able to successfully bring about collaborative learning in his sessions. His ability to listen, tact in dealing with emotional situations in sessions with respect, sense of humour , flexibility to evaluate a group's needs in each session and a sense of timing had made these sessions meaningful and memorable for our students.

Shravan has developed content and creative presentations/ modules on Career Guidance and Study Skill for our scholars.Shravan's creativity, resourcefulness, ability to understand things from student's perspective and research appropriate illustrations and photographic reference materials, develop content and ability to see a project through has really made these presentations distinctive and successful.

His ability to adapt to changing situations and opportunities, draw from learning's of co- facilitators, provide useful timely feedback on sessions facilitated and a personal commitment to every project he undertakes, are his biggest strengths.

I would highly recommend ShravanShetty and he would make a great asset to any organization /Individual.

- SubhaMitra, CSR Coordinator, Bangalore

Shravan is a very dedicated trainer / consultant. He would get into the details of every aspect which really helped the participants in the training . He would sit with me to understand the background for these trainings which is a quality is a quality I have seen only in few consultants. These trainings that shravan handled were very crucial for their work. Shravan used to handle participants with ease and let them learn the right way. He did the sessions in a very experiential manner. I recommend Shravan as a thorough professional and coach.

- Performance Consultant /Training Specialist,
Fortune 500, Financial Services

I met Shravan as a fellow participant at a Basic Mediation/conflict resolution workshop in Bangalore. While Mediation is a very new concept in India, Shravan embraced it fully and demonstrated a natural capacity for listening and empathy. He was also extremely generous in assisting the non-native English speakers, those who were more comfortable in the local language of Kannada, to understand and participate fully in the workshop. These qualities -- ability to listen, empathize and support others -- are key qualities in a consultant. It is because of these qualities that I recommend Shravan.

- Beth Fascitelli, Facilitator, Trainer, Consultant,
Meta-Culture (centre for conflict transformation and dialogue)

ShravanShetty was a student of mine. I have since followed his career closely and the work he has been doing in human resource training and development, a talent sorely needed among firms operating in India. He has performed brillantly and has the depth of insight to work constructively with individuals twice his age, not a easy feat in India. He took to heart his lessons in my class and has continued his quest for knowledge beyond the classroom setting. He works easily and well with fellow travelers on the road to the future challenges facing firms in a very uncertain world. Preparation of human resource talent in this day and age requires more than simple content instruction. It has so much more to do with building their confidence to deal constructively with uncertainty. The attributes that Shravan possesses makes him particularly well suited to such endeavors

- John Keifer ,College of Business , Ohio University

I have known Shravan for over a decade now in various capacities.

- Manager, Global IT Major

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